Newsletter Summer 2012

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Newsletter Summer 2012

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Welcome to my first newsletter.  I want to keep in touch with my clients and people who have enquired about Rolfing to let them know more about what I am doing, and to pass on one or two ideas and bits of helpful advice that I think might be useful.  Keeping things brief is not my strong point, but here goes.

I have prepared the Client Guidance note attached which I hope explains something about what Rolfing is and what it does. Whether you are new to Rolfing or have had some experience of the treatment, the guide is aimed to help you get the most out of this unique form of treatment.

If you are a potential client you will find the guide, hopefully, both informative and useful as an introduction to the concepts of how Rolfing treatment can open up new possibilities for your physical and emotional well-being.

Everyone’s experience is personal, but there are some basic principles that have a general application, so the guide includes some pointers on exercise and posture that really work.

Feel free to pass this newsletter and guidance note on to anyone who you think may be interested in Rolfing.


I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to attend advanced training courses in manipulation and movement techniques.  These are not just fun, and a welcome break from routine, but are really inspiring and give me even more options for finding the latent restrictions that hold back freedom of movement, and create those irritating compensations that mess up co-ordination, speed, strength etc, or keep us in “Ground Hog Day” emotionally.

The workshop – “Integrating the Lower Pole (Pelvic girdle, legs, feet)”– in Bologna – provided plenty of opportunity to learn some subtle techniques for speeding up the re-alignment of the soft tissues, and to create a more resilient sense of balance from the feet through to the body’s lower centre of gravity in the lumbar region.  Discovering techniques on how to ease and lengthen the sciatic nerve was a real revelation – this major nerve can be troublesome, but with some care and precise manipulation, it can find a much more “peaceful” co-existence with the surrounding muscular structures that vie for space and dominance.


When you find that your posture is better, that co-ordination is easier (I don’t hit slices off the Tee anymore!) or that things click into place (necks, shoulders and knees are often parts that seem to shift spontaneously as they re-align) then you are reaching a new level of integration.  And it continues, at a steady level for many months, or even years.  Much depends on our starting point – history, age, activities, all play a part.  A lot depends on what you want to achieve and your commitment.  I sometimes find that just when I think I am fully integrated, something makes me aware of a blind spot and then I move to another level.  This can come about through new activities, attending workshops, even observing and working with clients.  At these times I remind myself that it is not getting there that matters, but the journey.


Wellness seems to be an “industry” term – loaded with meaning and a sense of being right.  I use the term because buzzwords do have the benefit of saying a lot in a very short space, much of which is implicit and left to the reader to fill in the gaps from their imagination.  Buzzwords seem to hit the emotional brain and conjure up all sorts of things.  I guess the main benefit of Rolfing is wellness – impossible to accurately describe or quantify, but a priceless and personal experience.

Getting better aligned with the gravity field through Rolfing is a sound investment in future health and well-being.


Review of my website is underway – I hope to make it more current and interactive, so it is easier to post updates and details of limited introductory offers.


Can you tell me where the first anatomy school of the University of Bologna, is located?

The closing date is 31st October 2012, and the winner will be the first to be drawn with the right answer.

The prize?  One free session.

Gift Certificates

Why not treat a close friend or family member to a gift certificate for one, three or ten sessions.  The concessionary rate applies.

Cardiff practice

Due to other commitments I have suspended my Cardiff practice for now, but I hope to re-commence practicing from Cardiff next Spring. More news on that in the next issue.

Next issue – Winter 2013

An overview of each of the 10 sessions of the full treatment series – the different goals of each session and how each goal is achieved…., and more news etc.

Download this newsletter below.



About the Author:

Following a career in legal practice in England, and later in Wales, James trained at the European Rolfing Association in Munich and qualified as a Certified Rolfer in 2010. His interest in manual therapy was sparked by his experiences in long distance cycling events for charity, and later in golf, fitness training, running and country walking. His particular interest is in the realm of the individual’s potential for optimal strength, efficiency of movement and body awareness in physical activity.

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