Personal History Form

Required Forms

Please complete the form below before attending the practice, or download the PDF version of the form to bring in with you.

Personal History FormPersonal History FormPlease click the image to download our form.

Do you have or have you had any of the following:
For women (because of abdominal work):
Privacy Notice So that I can provide you with a safe and beneficial Rolfing session and contact you when required, the details you have provided to me will be most helpful to me. It is important that I gain your consent to me holding this information for you, which I will keep secure and private. I will not share your information with anyone else. Please sign at the end of this form to confirm your consent. I have completed the details I wish to give and consent to you holding and using it, in respect to my attending Rolfing sessions where you are the therapist.

*Electronic signatures are valid and fully enforceable as if they were wet signatures.