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Rolfing James

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by Rhiannon, December 2019 on Rolfing James
Changed my world

“Rolfing has changed my world. I’m a classical soprano, who lost my voice and was therefore out of work due to a nasty virus.

I genuinely couldn’t perform for over 18 months, and during this period I tried so many different approaches to rehabilitating my voice…

Through Rolfing, I discovered that there was tension in my neck in the areas surrounding my larynx, but that the tension was created by parts of the body so remote that I would never have pieced myself back together any other way, I’m sure!! I also managed to free up my rib cage and sternum for better breath support, and improved my postural alignment from the ground up… The holistic nature of Rolfing worked wonders for me.

James is so lovely and ridiculously conscientious – you immediately get a sense of how passionate he is about his role and how compassionate he is toward his clients.

I’m now gratefully back in work, singing aboard a luxury World Cruise thanks to James. Had I not been leaving the country for an extended period I would have continued my treatment beyond the initial 10 sessions – it has dramatically improved the quality of my life and I know that the benefits will continue. I’ll be back!”

by Birgit Obermayer on Rolfing James
Changed my life

At the beginning of 2010 I took ten sessions of Rolfing with James McCormack and was very content with his treatment, especially his ability to empathise which helped me to trust him and to achieve the greatest success possible. The Rolfing sessions helped me to gain a better knowledge of, and to stay in better contact with my body and mind. This has led to an improvement of my life now and for the future, a possibility for everyone!